Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Irene Haiku

"Irene Haiku" by Brian L.
Asian Invasion
Everybody knows her name
Long hair and tall girl

2 Gary Numan Haikus

** In honor of Gary Numan's birthday yesterday, DJ Big Missy and I each wrote a haiku in honor of the Synthpop pioneer **

"Gary Numan Haiku" by DJ Big Missy
Gary Numan Night
Me, I disconnect from you
Kiss my pyramid

"Gary Numan Haiku #2" by Brian L.
You're an alien
A robot, android...in cars
A synthpop guru

Stout Haiku

** And here we have another guest haiku from our good friend, DJ Big Missy **

"Stout Haiku" by DJ Big Missy
Double chocolate stout
Order another- yum yum
Delicious froth buzz

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Haiku For Brian L.

* A special guest haiku written by a friend dedicated to yours truly *


"A Haiku For Brian L." by DJ Big Missy
Brian and haikus
Crazy wordplay alchemy
Write, my brown friend, write.

Kathy Griffin Hate Haiku


"Kathy Griffin Hate Haiku" by Brian L.
Dear Kathy Griffin
"Annoying" - not strong enough
Ruined "SVU"

Monday, March 1, 2010

Handlebar Mustache

"Handlebar Mustache" by Brian L.
Not Rollie Fingers
Why the creepy handlebar?
Welcome to watch lists.